Are you under the ‘Finfluence’?

HUMPHREY Yang has been named the most popular finance influencer.

Research conducted by online trading firm Investingoal gathered data on 50 finance influencers — also known as “finfluencers” — based on their following, likes and subscriber counts across Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

  1. Humphrey Yang – 54.3m

Humphrey YangHumphrey Yang has been crowned the most popular “finfluencer”. The 35-year-old has accumulated 54,317,401 followers, likes and subscribers across social media, with 501,000 Instagram followers, 3,300,000 TikTok and 49,500,000 likes on TikTok.

His content centres around personal finance, including savings and tax credit tips. Yang also works with non-profit organisations to help businesses and consumers, often handing out $1,000 in cash to members of the general public. That might explain some of his popularity…

  1. Tori Dunlap – 26.9m

After saving $100,000 by the age of 25, Tori Dunlap “has empowered women with knowledge about personal finance, including negotiating salary, paying off debt, building savings and investing” — as well as publishing a book, Financial Feminist.

  1. Taylor Price – 21.9m

Price is a “Gen-Z financial activist” who discusses all things money: improving your credit score, analysing celebrity investments, and exploring the intricacies of Bitcoin.

  1. Steve – 15.1m

No surnames needed for Steve, also known as the Financial Freedom Coach, to snaffle fourth place. The influencer reached financial freedom at 33, and teaches about personal finance, investing, saving, and taxes.

  1. Josh Rincon – 10.2m

This millennial is an advocate of educational finance, and works as a programme director for financial non-profit Advance Latino. He posts regular videos about digital money and discount hacks.

  1. Poku Banks – 9.7m

Poku is on a mission to help younger people make the most of their money. He meets with the public and discusses saving tactics.

  1. Parii Bafna – 5.7m

Engaging content about credit cards, drop shipping and Bitcoin have taken this 21-year-old — also the co-founder of Jumpstart — to seventh spot.

  1. Jeremy Schneider – 4.1m

In eighth place we find Jeremy Schneider and his Personal Finance Club. He has a personal net worth of over $4m, and retired at the age of 36, so he must know what he’s talking about when he addresses money management and investment.

  1. Delyanne Barros – 4.1m

Barros is a retired attorney with 14 years of experience as a plaintiff-side employment attorney. Knowing the law of the financial land helps this “finfluencer” advise people how to pay off debt and start investing.

  1. Anthony O’Neal – 3.7m

Influencer and author — and CEO of The Neatness Network — O’Neal rounds out our Top Ten.