Amba pledges open-ended funds to reforestation programme

WORKPLACE tech provider Amba has launched a reforestation programme in Madagascar to repair damaged habitats and support the local community.

Lumina Forest, Amba, Eden ReforestationAccording to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Madagascar has lost 80 percent of its natural areas and continues to lose an estimated 200,000 hectares annually to deforestation. This has harmed animals and local communities. The Lumina Forest Project aims to rebuild a rich environment in which people and wildlife can thrive.

Lumina Forest community, Amba, Eden ReforestationThe company is encouraging its clients and partners to participate to maximise the impact of the Lumina Forest Project. In partnership with Furthr and Eden reforestation projects, Amba is pledging an initial £25,000 to purchase and reforest an area of land. But the project is open-ended, and on-going. When one area is repaired, another will be sourced, and a further pledge made. This open-ended approach allows Amba’s clients to choose the size and duration of their contribution.

Lumina Forest seeds, Amba, Eden Reforestation

The company will plant at least 100,000 trees each year while creating stable jobs with fair wages and healthcare benefits for residents. It will document its progress so the reforestation can be witnessed in real-time.

Amba CEO Tobin Murphy-Coles said the project “offered an opportunity to make a tangible difference to an important cause”.