Conseq Investment Management – Best Investment Management Services | Czechia 2017

Wide risk-distribution, fund selection and active portfolio management are the main benefits of Conseq’s Active Invest programme. Each fund has a clearly defined investment strategy and investment limits that define the yield-to-risk ratio. The medium- to long-term Active Invest Conservation Fund aims to achieve a stable appreciation on bonds and securities issued by bond funds and money market funds and securities issued by equity funds. The Active Invest Balanced Fund focuses on a high appreciation in the medium to long term, focusing on securities issued by bond funds, equity funds and stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and securities issued by short-term bond funds and money market funds. The Active Invest Dynamic Fund’s objective is to achieve a high appreciation over at least five years. This spread of options, and the reliable nature of the funds concerned, snared the Best Investment Management Services (Czechia) Award in this close competition.