Itaú Unibanco — Best Bank Governance | Brazil 2019

WITH a presence in three continents and 90,000 professionals on staff, Itaú
Unibanco supports economic and social development by stimulating the
transformative power of people. Across diverse languages and cultures, the Itaú
Unibanco team acts as a unified corporate entity with shared goals. The bank has
found that good corporate governance practices facilitate access to capital while
affording a value-added edge that contributes to longevity. Itaú Unibanco’s
comprehensive governance code details its commitments and six strategic
priorities: customer centricity, digital transformation, people management, risk
management, sustainable development, and internationalisation. The bank
has made headway honouring its commitments, with inclusion in international
trading indices of equality and sustainability. Last year, Itaú Unibanco welcomed
the first woman to its board of directors — the first of many, it expects. The BV
judging panel applauds the bank’s ethical ethos and presents Itaú Unibanco
with the 2019 Best Bank Governance (Brazil) award.