Jerónimo Martins — Best Corporate Responsibility | Portugal 2019

THE JERÓNIMO Martins story dates back more than two centuries, giving the food distributor ample time to perfect the five-pillar action plan outlining its corporate responsibilities. Jerónimo Martins stocks shelves with quality food that promotes good health, including expanding product lines free from lactose, gluten, and animal proteins. It prioritises environmental initiatives that combat climate change, boost biodiversity, and optimise waste management. It forges lasting partnerships with local suppliers and leads by example to incorporate the highest standards of safety, environmental stewardship, and social impact across the supply chain. Jerónimo Martins runs community support programmes that tackle hunger and malnutrition. As a benchmark employer, it demonstrates leadership in gender equality and initiatives that strike a healthy work-life balance. The BV judging panel presents Jerónimo Martins with the 2019 Best Corporate Responsibility (Portugal) award.

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