Rabobank — Best Community Social Impact Bank | Netherlands 2019

ESTABLISHED as a Dutch agricultural cooperative bank in the late 19th century, Rabobank remains committed to its members by reinvesting profits to support local, national, and international projects of strong social impact. Rabobank engages in open dialogue with members to elicit feedback to shape the bank’s trajectory and to transform the current global food system into a more ecologically and economically sustainable model. As such, Rabobank recently partnered with IBM to implement a blockchain-based application that gives coffee lovers a trusted account of the beans’ journey, from farm to mug. Consumers can use the app to monitor the supply chain and to support initiatives that benefit local farming communities. The BV judging panel agrees that no challenge can withstand a unified front of collaboration and solidarity. The judges present Rabobank with the 2019 Best Community Social Impact Bank (Netherlands) award.

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