Tesco plc — Best Customer Satisfaction Retailer | United Kingdom 2019

TESCO is enjoying the fruits of a five-year turnaround plan led by outgoing CEO Dave Lewis, who is credited with steering the British grocery giant back to its former glory. When he took the helm, Lewis applied a back-to-basics approach to force executive leadership to live the shopping experience of the common consumer. Tesco offloaded underperforming facilities, refined its merchandise mix, and expanded its range of plant-based foods to boost customer satisfaction. It launched the Clubcard Plus, a monthly subscription customer reward card with special savings on Tesco exclusive brands and Tesco mobile data. The strategies are paying off as Tesco has received the highest customer satisfaction ratings in years. The BV judging panel recognises Tesco’s strong turnaround with the 2019 award for Best Customer Satisfaction Retailer in the United Kingdom.

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