CHERRISK — Most Innovative Insurance Solutions | Hungary 2020

TECHNOLOGY helps the world to achieve more — with less effort. Hungarian insurer UNIQA applied a tech overhaul to the industry, with CHERRISK emerging as the solution. This quality-over-quantity approach offers three bundled packages to cover the essentials. The company has no-commitment policies, swift claims and low admin hassles, but its community engagement clinches the deal. The CHERRISK GO app awards users virtual cherries for staying active, contributing to public safety and safeguarding the environment. The cherry tokens can be redeemed for discounts and rewards, or converted into charitable donations. The community collective of 150,000 members then votes on which projects to support. CHERRISK is taking its hi-tech initiatives to five countries over the next five years — and aims to be number one in each. The BV judging panel presents CHERRISK with the 2020 award for Most Innovative Insurance Solutions (Hungary).