Fluidra — Best Corporate Growth Strategy | Spain 2020

SPANISH multinational Fluidra took a plunge, more than 50 years ago, into the then-untested waters of innovation and synergy. The swimming pool and wellness company has come a long way since its humble start as a four-family, Barcelona-based operation. Fluidra now employs 5,500 people in more than 45 countries. Its profile in global markets was boosted by its listing on the Spanish Stock Exchange. R&D investment and acquisitions have helped it to achieve double-digit growth in sales and profits. Fluidra subsidiaries are some of the most well-known brands on the market. The company is flexing its strength post-merger with Zodiac Pool Solutions, achieving impressive cost and sales synergies and a healthy share of the American market. Fluidra continues to drive expansion with strategic acquisitions and value-added services such as IoT capabilities. To a company swimming in success, the BV judging panel presents the 2020 award for Best Corporate Growth Strategy (Spain).

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