EP Global Energy — Best ESG Renewable Energy Project Developer | EMEA 2020

FOUNDED in 2006, EP Global Energy (EPGE) has earned a reputation as a pathfinder of frontier market opportunities in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The Cyprus-based development company delivers clean, renewable energy to communities — and sustainable returns to investors. EPGE estimates that more than 650m people in Africa live without electricity, and those that have a supply suffer from frequent outages. This creates life-threatening challenges in healthcare and unnecessary burdens for education. EPGE’s DREAM platform brings projects with high social and economic impact to Sub-Saharan Africa. The EPGE portfolio focuses on wind, solar and hybrid energy sources, and includes portable products. The BV judging panel applauds the company’s sustainability commitments, and declares EP Global Energy as the 2020 Best ESG Renewable Energy Project Developer (EMEA) award winner.

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