Corpower Ocean — Most Innovative Wave Energy Technology | Global 2021

CORPOWER Ocean has been perfecting Wave Energy Converter (WEC) technology over the past decade. The initial concept was invented by medical doctor Stig Lundbäck, and the technology mimics the pumping principles of the human heart to harness wave energy. Corpower Ocean, founded in 2010, began structured testing of prototypes in 2012, and is nearing completion of a five-stage product verification process, recognised as best-practice in the sector. Innovations including Advanced Phase Control Technology enable the WECs to amplify power capture, addressing the energy-cost ratio, while storm-proofing provides protection in extreme conditions. The demonstration of CorPower’s first full-scale commercial device is ongoing, with ocean deployment planned for late 2021, eventually forming part of a larger pilot array off the Portuguese coast. The BV judges applaud such green and cost-effective solutions: Corpower Ocean wins the 2021 global award for Most Innovative Wave Energy Technology.

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