Dhofar Insurance Company SAOG — Most Innovative Insurance Company | Oman 2021

FOUNDED in 1989, Dhofar Insurance Company benefits from its strong brand identity and loyal customers. Business continuity is key, and the company’s investments in IT infrastructure prevented any interruption to business during the Covid pandemic. Dhofar Insurance contributes to community projects, supports health ministry objectives and economic development, and participates in educational outreach initiatives. The company has the largest branch network in the Sultanate, serving all provinces. Dhofar Insurance was the first insurer in the Sultanate to launch a drive through insurance centre as well as kiosks at malls and select locations to facilitate the purchase of motor insurance policies and vehicle registration cards. The BV jury presents Dhofar Insurance Company SAOG — a repeat programme winner — with the 2021 award for Most Innovative Insurance Company (Oman).

Dhofar Insurance