Getting out-of-shape: Bentley forced to bend on trademark

BENTLEY Motors has been ordered to destroy a range of branded clothing after losing a trademark battle.

The High Court last year ruled that Bentley Motors had infringed the trademark of Bentley Clothing, a Manchester firm.

The ruling meant the car firm could not use the Bentley name on its apparel. It appealed, but has now been ordered to destroy clothes featuring the logo by February 3.

Bentley Motors may no longer use the name — on its own or in with the iconic winged logo — on clothing sold in the UK.

Bentley Clothing was founded by Gerald Bentley in 1962, and bought out in 1990. The row over branding dates back to 1998, but the High Court action was only launched in 2017.

The car manufacturer had tried to cancel the clothing firm’s hold on the trademark. It said in a statement that it was “disappointed”, but would respect the judgement.