King’s Business School co-ordinates study for embattled entrepreneurs

KING’S Business School in London is calling on entrepreneurs worldwide to participate in a study to help business owners survive the COVID-19 crisis.

With livelihoods under threat, the college aims to identify how policymakers and institutions can be most supportive in times of hardship. More than 1500 entrepreneurs in 22 countries on five continents have already answered the call to participate in the study, which runs until mid-June.

“Many entrepreneurs are experiencing high levels of stress that threaten their ability to be persistent, productive and innovative enough to steer their business through the crisis”, said Ute Stephan, professor of entrepreneurship at King’s Business School. “The overwhelming positive response by entrepreneurs to our study shows how timely and valuable this research is.”

All participating entrepreneurs will receive personalised feedback on their methods of coping with stress, as well as tips and insights on building resilience. They will also be able to compare their approach with those of other entrepreneurs.

“As a leading research institution, it is King’s duty to understand and support entrepreneurs,” Stephan says. “There are 5.8m small businesses in the UK alone, and they provide nearly half of all employment in the private sector.”

Entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers can take part in this survey until the June 15 cut-off date. UK based entrepreneurs can click here to take part.