Reporting tool uses data to help marketers gauge brand connection

GLOBAL staffing partner Elevate has launched Impact, a data-driven reporting tool that enables marketers to evaluate the effectiveness of event activation in real-time.

The Impact Reporting platform provides live insights into event audiences so marketers can analyse how attendees connect to brands and their representatives.

The tool collects 250 individual data points pre-, during- and post-event, and tracks the success of a brand experience against 17 KPI metrics including footfall, consumer engagement, net promoter score, purchase intent, brand satisfaction, social sentiment, click-through rate, and total purchase value.

Dashboards are updated 500 times a day during a live event to instantly track on-site data. This gives marketers the ability to make changes in real-time. The reporting tool also provides benchmarking capabilities, allowing marketers to measure event performance.

Elevate CEO Ed Wood says the pandemic provided a unique opportunity to innovate and define the next era of event experience. “We are changing the way data is collected at all levels of an event,” he said.

Impact is available in the UK and US, with further roll-out planned for Germany, Austria and France.