In your pods, team … and get to work!

DESPITE the growth of remote- and hybrid working, there is a parallel need for privacy and quiet spaces in the office.

Does the solution lie in soundproof pods and booths, as launched by Finland’s Framery Analytics? After a four-month trial — which involved H&M, LinkedIn, and Puma — the firm that marries technology with furniture believes so.

Framery Analytics Pod plus app

Framery says it’s “future-proofing the office” for the modern workforce. With effective and comfortable workplaces as its goal, Framery allows brands to customise the seclusion devices. By gathering data from the pods, the platform shows managers their usage rates.

Since the first connected pod was launched in 2021, 1,900 companies have invested in the tech. Framery says that means facility management decisions will be driven by employees’ behavioural data — something which is becoming the norm for many brands.

A spokesperson for LinkedIn’s facility management team said the platform was adopting an analytical and data-driven approach to decision-making. “Our recent trial really fits into this philosophy, and showed us the potential it could offer in the future.”

Framery Analytics claims the pods mean cost-cutting and a more human-centric office layout. Companies can create better office layouts, tailored to employee needs.