Seers seek signs for tech sector future

TEN EXPERTS from tech consultancy Opencast have a guess at what we might see in 2023.

Co-founder Mike O’Brien kicks off: “More focus on resilience of processes and systems and on security. Supply chains have been stretched and broken in the last two years. More focus on how tech can help going forward.

“More focus on use of tech in government services, which are under severe financial pressure. A focus on how we can usefully and ethically harness the power of AI and machine learning. People are starting to talk more of these technologies being tools, rather than an all-in-one magic solution to a problem — but we need careful governance, and to remember humans ultimately direct them. Don’t blame a rogue algorithm.”

Now to the anonymous experts, who predict:

1: An accelerated and more comprehensive focus on delivering sustainable, energy-efficient technology solutions in the drive towards net zero.

2: Technology gets rules on ethics and etiquette to ensure that tech “enriches our lives”.

3: More investment in digital transformation as organisations drive efficiency and sustainability.

4: Cost pressures will mean intelligent investments into what matters most for employees.

5: There will be industry-wide realisation that open source must be better supported to keep commercial software up and running.

6: A focus on how we can usefully and ethically harness the power of AI and machine learning.

7: More communication with people moving into tech as companies onboard talent from other sectors.

8: People teams will work harder, and shorter tenures will become the norm. People are seeking a culture and environment with wellbeing at the forefront.

9: Cloud and 5G are changing everything. Greater use of live AI for data capture and visualisation and the blurring boundary between gaming and the real world.

10: As the need for data increases, so will the need to provide privacy. This will lead to growth and ideation in the data governance space around visibility of and traceability of the data used in AI.