Piraeus Bank — Most Visionary Private Banking Team | Greece 2018

CONSIDER these stated aims: “To be the most trusted bank in Greece, creating value for shareholders, clients and employees”, and “to empower through continuous learning and to guide with integrity”. With such goals, is it any surprise that Greece’s Piraeus Bank is surging into a new future, as the country simultaneously emerges from a financial crisis? Piraeus Bank matches the success of its international counterparts, all the while maintaining best practice. Private banking is one of the jewels in the Piraeus crown; it has the expertise, infrastructure and dynamism to offer integrated investment services designed to meet the individual needs of its customers. Its international division is in joint-partnership with banks in historically “money-wise” countries such as Luxembourg and Switzerland, and Piraeus prides itself on its holistic and comprehensive system of communication. Its transparency, sincerity and sustainable led to the BV judges naming Piraeus winner of the award for Most Visionary Private Banking Team (Greece) 2018.