WyeTree Asset Management — Best Structured Credit Specialist | United Kingdom 2018

WyeTree Asset Management was created in 2007 as a “happy place” in the financial world, dedicated to the individual needs of its loyal and long-standing client base. The company operates on three guidelines: 1. Be honest. 2. Don’t follow the crowd. 3. Work in the interests of the client. With a springboard like that, it’s small wonder that the BV judges identified WyeTree as a potential award-winner. WyeTree’s own business vision hinges on ethical development and the longevity of the company. WyeTree, with just 11 staff, prides itself on attention to detail and takes on-board every relevant opinion to deliver on its promise. Job-creation and the internal development at WyeTree helps the community at large to develop when the market and platform allow: evolve, grow, and prosper. Award duly accorded.

Wye Tree Asset Management