Adobe, Inc: Best SME Digital Transformation Services Worldwide 2018

ADOBE, Inc, a pioneer in the digital transformation industry, has been a driving force for the market’s development since the beginning, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Company shares are soaring as Adobe announces new acquisitions, partnerships, and fiscal growth predictions, anticipating revenue to top $10bn in 2019. Adobe is strengthening an already impressive portfolio of creative and business products by tailoring services to meet SME needs, pairing creative media-editing software with business-aligned cloud solutions. Adobe’s Documents Cloud service aims to automate and digitise paper-based processes, Creative Cloud connects desktop software and mobile apps for uninterrupted workflow across devices, and Experience Cloud provides end-to-end business solutions, from analytics to advertising. The BV judging panel congratulates Adobe on its continued success, and on its 2018 Best SME Digital Transformation Services award win.

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