ALYAMAMA COMPANY — Best Infrastructure Project Management Team | KSA 2018

FROM its inception as a construction company, Saudi Arabia’s ALYAMAMA COMPANY has diversified its focus, positioning itself to be a key player in the Kingdom’s building renaissance. Its Infrastructure Division — one of nine specialist sections — enables Saudi jurisdictions to operate more efficiently through a full-spectrum offering of construction and maintenance services. ALYAMAMA COMPANY erects hospitals and universities, lays down railways and roads, and establishes waste-management facilities. It’s an eco-conscious company, intent on providing green solutions that are cost-efficient and meet UN guidelines. ALYAMAMA COMPANY works closely with the Kingdom’s Municipal Ministries and the Oil Commission. Team members are competent and conscientious — with a track record for innovation — leading BV judges to recognise ALYAMAMA COMPANY with the award for Best Infrastructure Project Management Team (KSA) 2018.