Spotify: Best Social Media Marketing Global 2018

SPOTIFY — it’s the music streaming service that’s taken over mobile devices and desktops worldwide. The company began the year with a snappy ad campaign crafted of insights from users’ social media data. The campaign launched in nine markets globally, splashing buildings and billboards with bright graphics and hyper-localised messages. The outdoor ads encouraged users to physically connect with the digital content, and featured up-and-coming musicians and cutouts for selfies. This summer Spotify is testing a new feature to improve commercial targeting, boost revenue, and empower listeners. The feature would allow users to skip ads whenever they want – and only requires advertisers pay for the ads that are played. The innovative strategy is a bold step towards more relevant and enriching commercial content — a win-win for listeners and advertisers. For its witty approach to big data, and its efforts to personalise marketing, the BV judging panel names Spotify the 2018 Best Social Media Marketing Global award winner.

Spotify logo