AccessBank Tanzania — Best Social Development Bank | Tanzania 2018

ACCESSBANK Tanzania is more than a commercial bank — it’s a catalyst for socio-economic development. AccessBank believes that fintech can serve as a social equaliser, driving the digital transformation of the country and empowering a more connected and tech-savvy population. The bank’s integrated mobile banking platform offers a range of services, from 24-hour account access and Masterpass QR transactions to money transfers and mobile phone credit top-ups. AccessBank invests in education as a force for upward economic and social mobility, and organises annual conferences, seminars, forums, and training sessions. AccessBank, founded in 2007, offers finance services for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), as well as socially responsible banking services for Tanzania’s low- to middle-income earners. For its inclusive banking approach and entrepreneurial empowerment, the BV judging panel names AccessBank Tanzania the 2018 Best Social Development Bank (Tanzania) award winner.

Access Bank