Eskan Bank Realty Income Trust: Best Sharia-Compliant REIT – EMEA 2018

ATTRACTIVE returns, lower risk, diversified portfolio, and easy liquidity — these are the pillars that have kept Eskan Bank’s Real Estate and Investment Trust (REIT) at the top of Islamic financial markets. REITs have been an emerging trend in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) for the past decade, and Eskan Bank is one of the sector’s pioneers in Bahrain. Eskan’s REIT promises a steady, stable income for unit holders while keeping an eye on the long game. By pooling money to buy and manage real estate through the trust, investors can participate in large-scale commercial real estate development with limited initial capital. Eskan’s REIT offers a low-risk solution with attractive dividends, as investment is spread over a diverse property portfolio of retail, residential and office space. Eskan is a Sharia-compliant REIT, fully respectful of Islamic laws. The BV judging panel presents Eskan Bank with the 2018 award for Best Sharia-Compliant REIT (EMEA).

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