Netflix — Most Innovative Media Streaming Services | Global 2018

LONG-forgotten are the DVD-by-mail days of Netflix. The entertainment company is now best known for its binge-worthy streaming services. Founded in 1997, Netflix once offered movie rental subscription services throughout the US by post or online — but now its reach encompasses more than 130 million subscribers in 190 countries. Although Netflix’s subscription strategy has remained steadfast, its journey has been marked by continuous innovation. Netflix has transformed itself into a production powerhouse, garnering a cult following and award recognition for its original series — rivaling Hollywood studios for feature film production in 2018. The company believes in the power of analytics, enabling it to offer intuitive data-backed entertainment suggestions as well to create content catering for niche interests and audiences. The BV judging panel applauds the company’s vanguard vision and world expansion, and congratulates Netflix on its 2018 award for the Most Innovative Media Streaming Services.