Banco Santander Chile – Best Bank Governance | Chile 2019

BANCO Santander Chile is the largest bank in the country, in terms of total assets and equity. That top position comes with considerable responsibility, and Banco Santander ensures that its corporate governance meets the highest international standards. It brings to its customers and clients the guarantee of sustainable management in the long term. Banco Santander always ensures compliance with best international practice, a model that is recognised by external institutions. “By delivering on our purpose, and helping people and businesses prosper, we grow as a business,” observes Ana Botín, executive chairman of the group. Wise words – and words which resonated with the BV judging panel. The value created by the bank’s business benefits all concerned, and communities are best served “by corporations that have aligned their goals to serve the long-term goals of society”. Exactly. The judges are pleased to announce Banco Santander Chile as winner of the 2019 award for Best Bank Governance (Chile).

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