Dhofar Insurance Company SAOG — Most Innovative Insurance Company | Oman 2019

INSURANCE is the promise of protection, and few organisations in the sector take their duty more seriously than Oman’s Dhofar Insurance Company SAOG. Dhofar’s customer-centric focus over the past three decades has resulted in a strong brand and a loyal client base. With a network of 42 branches covering the sultanate, from bustling cities to tiny towns, Dhofar is the leading national insurance provider. It offers insurance products ranging from health and life policies to property and disaster cover. Dhofar’s mission is always to be proactive, with a personal touch. It contacts customers with advance warnings and preparation advice as part of its disaster cover, and offers extra assistance when needed. The firm’s leadership is fully committed to the company promise, providing customers — and the community at large — with hands-on support, when and where required. The BV judging panel notes that Dhofar applies that same agile response to market trends and client needs, continuously adapting to develop the most relevant  insurance solutions. The judges are delighted to present Dhofar Insurance Company with the 2019 award for Most Innovative Insurance Company (Oman).

Dhofar Insurance CEO, Sunil Kohli

Dhofar Insurance