Riyad Bank — Best Sharia Compliant Financial Solutions | KSA 2019

RIYAD BANK is well-positioned to meet the diverse banking and investment needs of its clients. It’s one of the top three financial intuitions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in terms of assets, and caters to the unique concerns of its Islamic customers and clients. In addition to adhering to Sharia principles, Riyad Bank offers a full range of traditional financial solutions. Riyad’s Islamic banking services range from everyday transactions to financing and investment solutions for individuals and corporate clients — and all Riyad products are regularly revised and deemed to be in accordance with Shariah law by a committee of esteemed Islamic scholars. Riyad upholds the cultural traditions of its client base with innovative products and services that help them to plan and preserve their financial futures — a feat deserving of recognition, in the eyes of the BV judging panel. Said judges are pleased to announce Riyad Bank as the 2019 winner of the award for Best Sharia Compliant Financial Solutions (KSA).

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