Terpel — Best Employee Engagement Company | Colombia 2018

Terpel is a company of Colombian origin, tradition, and outlook with a 50-year history of promoting the country’s development, growing shoulder-to-shoulder with its affiliates, and working under strict corporate governance and business ethics principles. Terpel — Colombia’s leading distributor of liquid fuels, natural gas for vehicles, and lubricants — attracts and retains motivated employees. The company’s integrity and co-operative practices are key to the success of its business. Terpel’s supportive work environment sets the company apart and inspires long-term commitment from staff. Most of the team members have dedicated a decade of their lives to Terpel, and their personal and professional growth is enhanced through programmes designed to integrate team members, align priorities, improve competencies, and recognise achievements. The BV judging panel commends the company’s open and direct lines of communication, and presents Terpel with the 2018 Best Employee Engagement Company (Colombia) award.

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