I:CO — Most Disruptive Textile Partner | Germany 2019

I:Collect (I:CO) envisions a more circular economy for the future of fashion, a closed loop of recycle and reuse. The German-based company was founded in 2009 to provide innovative global solutions for the collection, reuse, and recycling of used clothing and footwear. Through a worldwide network of partners in 60 countries (and counting), I:CO has established an expansive take-back system to divert unwanted items from landfills and maximise the full lifecycle of raw materials. Through I:CO partnership, stores become points-of-sale as well as collection points, driving up store traffic and sales while engaging with consumers in a meaningful way. Reward incentives fuel customer participation and increase the company’s global reach. I:CO’s certified sorting and processing facilities prepare some items for the second-hand market, and convert others into repurposed raw materials for new creations. Some of fashion’s top brands trust I:CO to help them achieve their sustainability benchmarks — leading the BV judging panel to name I:CO as the winner of the 2019 award for Most Disruptive Textile Partner (Germany).

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