TPS Eastern Africa — Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Tourism | Eastern Africa 2019

COGNIZANT of tourism’s negative impact, many world citizens are seeking more responsible holiday alternatives that positively impact the local environment, society, and economy. Tourism Promotion Services (TPS) Eastern Africa is a hospitality company specialising in culturally sensitive and environmentally responsible tourism— from upscale hotels, resorts, and palaces to rustic forts, safari lodges, and camps. Operating under the brand name Serena Hotels in six countries in Eastern Africa and in three countries in Central and South Asia, TPS seeks to empower the residents of the communities where it operates and to cause a beneficial ripple effect in those economies. Although TPS operates internationally, it’s loyal to local: TPS hires staff and sources materials locally, supports local social initiatives, reinvigorates local artisan crafts, and safeguards local natural resources. For its dual focus of maximising local socio-economic benefits while protecting the environment, the BV judging panel presents TPS Eastern Africa with the 2019 Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Tourism (Eastern Africa) award.

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