Fluence Corporation — Best ESG Water CleanTech | Global 2019

THE UNITED Nations identified sustainable water management as a critical global development goal and has charged that everyone — from individuals and enterprises to governments — pitch in. Headquartered in New York, Fluence Corporation specialises in decentralised water and wastewater treatment solutions, with over 7,000 project references in 70 countries. Fluence deploys the latest water treatment technology to create fit-to-order, end-to-end solutions that deliver lasting economic and environmental benefits for municipal, industrial, and commercial clients worldwide. The company’s expertise ranges from compact, decentralised units and custom-designed plants to best-in-class wastewater reuse applications and waste-to-energy technologies. From the Americas to Europe, the Middle East, China, and Africa, Fluence operations aim to extract maximum value and utility from valuable resources. The company realised a growth of over 70 percent in 2018 — leading the BV judging panel to a clear decision: Fluence Corporation wins the 2019 Global award for Best ESG Water CleanTech.

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