NamPost Savings Bank — Best Sustainable Financial Services Provider | Namibia 2019

NAMIBIA has made great strides towards financial inclusion and now ranks fourth of the 16 countries in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). And NamPost Savings Bank is driving that agenda. The state-owned savings bank is a division of the Post Office that is championing inclusion. The NamPost network covers the country with convenient branches offering postal, financial, and logistics solutions to keep clients connected and the cash flowing. Half of Namibia´s pensioners receive their payments through NamPost. The bank helps government hit its inclusion targets by bringing credit and insurance products to people in rural areas who were previously unbanked. Through good governance and strategic tech investments, NamPost sustains a competitive edge and delivers respectable returns. The BV judging panel declares NamPost Savings Bank as worthy winner of the 2019 Best Sustainable Financial Services Provider (Namibia) award.

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