Zoomlion Ghana — Best ESG Waste Management Solutions Team | West Africa 2019

WITH a worldwide shift towards sustainability, circular economies become less of a pipe dream and more an inevitable part of the future. Founded in 2006 as one of the few private waste collections providers, Zoomlion Ghana now claims 70 percent of the market. The industry leader operates as a knowledgeable and like-minded partner, not adversarial market competitor. Through public-private partnerships, Zoomlion manages over 85,000 workers across the continent. The environmental sanitation specialist recovers and recycles plastics. It diverts organic waste to its 600-tonne, 400 tonne — and soon to be completed 1,000-tonne — composting facilities. The company fulfils its corporate social responsibility through ongoing environmental, educational, and health care initiatives. For outstanding contributions to a clean, green, and healthy Africa, the BV judging panel presents Zoomlion Ghana with the 2019 Best ESG Waste Management Solutions Team (West Africa) award.

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