AXA Green Crescent — Best Insurance Solutions Partner | UAE 2020

WHEN international giants and regional experts team up, their customers ultimately win. As case in point, look no further than AXA Green Crescent, the UAE-based insurance provider serving individuals, corporations and SMEs. The company is under fresh leadership, and CEO Mohamed Seghir sees technology as a means of bolstering insurance inclusivity. A complete overhaul of the IT structure has unlocked efficiencies for the company and convenience for customers. Setting up a new policy once required an office visit and a two-week turnaround, but now this can be accomplished online in two minutes. AXA Green Crescent has diversified its offering to touch on every point of interest in clients’ lives, empowering its customers to live a better life. The BV judging panel congratulates AXA Green Crescent, the worthy winner of the 2020 Best Insurance Solutions Partner (UAE) award.

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