ENGIE — Best ESG Mobility Solutions | Europe 2019

URBAN municipalities are tackling the challenges of gridlocked traffic and poor air quality with the help of ENGIE, a French multinational leader of the energy revolution. With 2.4 billion new inhabitants expected by 2050 — two thirds of which will reside in cities — ENGIE is committed to optimising urban transit networks and promoting the transition towards green fuels. ENGIE’s eco-mobility programme is in overdrive as it races to help cities strengthen transport infrastructure and upgrade to smart transit systems. The company receives top marks in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) assessments and has issued an open invitation for collaboration to start-ups working on promising projects in sustainable mobility, smart communities, and renewable energy storage. The BV judging panel is delighted to present ENGIE with the 2019 award for Best ESG Mobility Solutions (Europe).

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