AB Inbev — Best Corporate Sustainability | Belgium 2020

BELGIUM’S AB Inbev, brewer of 500 brands of beer, is building a company to last – and to bring people together. The Covid-19 crisis has caused a re-evaluation of what togetherness means. AB’s management strives to support communities, partners and colleagues, and meaningfully connect with consumers. AB Inbev is committed to making a positive impact on communities, prioritising health and safety while seeking out better ways of working. Co-operative and precautionary pandemic measures go way beyond WHO guidelines and government expectations. AB Inbev is addressing the community’s immediate needs by producing, gifting and distributing essential resources. An impressive raft of initiatives provides support to hospitality industry partners, and the brewer is redirecting sports sponsorship funds to emergency relief. Impressive. AB Inbev wins BV‘s 2020 award for Best Corporate Sustainability (Belgium).

AB InBev logo