Asset Tree Financial Planners — Best Sustainable Investment Strategy | South Africa 2020

THE SECRET to business sustainability, according to South Africa’s Asset Tree Financial Planners, is a combination of customer-centricity, value creation and adaptability. Assisting clients to chart a course to a fiscally sound future is the cornerstone of the firm’s 30-year mandate. It banks on long-term strategies to sustain it through periods of market volatility — including pandemics and financial crises — and coaches clients on how to ride-out challenging markets with sustainable strategies. Asset Tree eschews lip-service exercises to lead with conviction and weave sustainable principles in the fibre of the firm and its team. Its unfailing commitment has fostered client relationships that have endured generations — and will endure more. The BV judging panel declares Asset Tree Financial Planners as the 2020 winner of the Best Sustainable Investment Strategy (South Africa) award.

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