Barak Fund Management Ltd — Best Investment Fund Manager | Mauritius 2020

WHEN global markets were in the throes of the financial crisis, Barak Fund Management offered African entrepreneurs a creative fix to the credit crunch. Barak bet on alternative investment and credit structures as the key to economic recovery, and that intuition took it to a leadership position on the continent. Barak’s six investment funds deliver healthy returns to shareholders and support African industries with asset-backed credit solutions. Barak’s flagship Structured Trade Finance Fund provides a crucial link in funding for Africa’s SMEs — and has a solid record of year-on-year growth and zero negative returns since its inception over a decade ago. Funds range from short- to long-term tenors and include impact financing and Shariah-compliant funds. The BV judging panel is pleased to present Barak Fund Management Ltd with the 2020 award for Best Investment Fund Manager (Mauritius).

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