Repsol – Best Energy Sector Corporate Governance | Spain 2020

SPANISH energy industry leader Repsol traces its origins back almost 100 years. The company has used the experience gained to future-proof its plans and anchor them in sustainability. Repsol was the first in its sector to declare a commitment to the Paris Agreement, with a target of net zero emissions by 2050. The company has built an oil and natural gas empire based on a six-pillar plan that focuses on ethical accountability, human capital and communities, public safety, climate change solutions, environmental responsibility and technological innovation. Repsol is battling for a greener future even if the cost runs steep. Its ambitious eco-measures and a €4.8bn write-down on its oil and gas assets resulted in a €3.82bn loss in 2019 – compared with the previous year’s profit of €2.34bn. Renewables such as wind farms and waste-to-fuel operations will boslter the company’s low-carbon revenue streams. The BV judging panel presents Repsol with the 2020 award for Best Energy Corporate Governance (Spain).

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