Vital Capital — Best ESG Investment Fund Manager | Switzerland 2020

VITAL Capital has effectively built the case that sustainable impacts and strong returns aren’t mutually exclusive – they’re inherently inclusive. The impact investment fund manager is based in Switzerland, but focuses on improving life for low- to middle-income communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Through experience and deep stakeholder relationships, the firm understands the human struggle involved. It works with communities to co-create solutions, and directs all of its capital to development projects with clear ESG objectives, measurable impacts and financial returns. ESG considerations play a part in every stage of the investment process, from initial due diligence to high-touch involvement and guidance. Vital utilizes an outcomes based approach and invests in companies that tackle four themes: essentials, employment, capabilities, infrastructure. The BV judging panel likes the cut of this corporate jib, and presents Vital Capital Investments with the 2020 award for Best ESG Investment Fund Manager (Switzerland).

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