Delen Private Bank — Best Digital Private Bank | Belgium 2020

DELEN Private Bank is an independent Belgian wealth manager specialising in discretionary management and estate planning. Its prudent yet proactive wealth management and estate planning services are aimed at protecting the wealth of its clients, and at achieving sustainable asset growth. These services are tailored to client needs with dedicated relationship managers on-hand. Next to the all-important personal touch, Delen Private Bank offers clients a powerful digital platform of tools (apps and online). Features such as remote signing, a digital archive, a discrete mode and Delen Family Services — a detailed overview of total assets, aimed at a lean financial plan — add efficiency, agility and comfort to clients’ lives, even more valuable when physical contact is not possible. The BV judging panel notes that tech improvements have resulted in an investment control centre that fits in the palm of the hand. The judges announce Delen Private Bank as recipient of the 2020 award for Best Digital Private Bank (Belgium).


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