Slackers! Back to work! And switch off that Netflix series!

EIGHT out of 10 Brits are working from home, but it has come to light that not all of them have their noses to the grindstone.

Hard on the heels of a recent story featured here on BV, it turns out that over a third of those canvassed in a survey by business card makers instantprint confess they are working fewer hours than they should be. It gets worse: another third are watching Netflix, and slightly fewer (25 percent) are sleeping or doing housework while they should be hard at it.

And then there are the chancers: the three percent of respondents who admit to doing absolutely nothing (and getting away with it).

The survey asked 1,000 British workers about their productivity and motivation levels. Perhaps unsurprisingly, few workers are keen to return to the office. They list team meetings (seven percent), colleagues’ birthday celebrations (six percent) and the obligatory tea rounds (five percent) as the top three reasons they don’t miss being on-site.

Birthdays? Really? Anyway, with line managers nowhere to be seen, it would appear the temptation to procrastinate is too great to resist. Here are the top 10 things you (not we) are getting up to in the average working day:

  1. Watching Netflix
  2. Napping mid-shift
  3. Household chores
  4. Walking the dog
  5. Doing online surveys
  6. Going for a walk
  7. Catching up with friends and family
  8. Running errands
  9. Cooking or baking
  10. Watching exercise videos

Head of instantprint, Jon Constantine-Smith, said that despite the results, he believes most people are working harder than ever. “But it is clear that some are taking advantage,” he added.