NEXtCARE — Most Innovative Heath Insurance Administrator | MENA 2020

NEXtCARE is a brand that resonates throughout the Arab world for deploying next-generation software solutions to customise customers’ healthcare plans. Over the past 20 years, NEXtCARE has earned a reputation for its rapid response to market trends and client expectations. It pioneered telemedicine in the region, achieving a 1,200 percent increase in its mobile app usage when it introduced the teleconsultation feature. NEXtCARE is a member of Allianz Partners, which has established an innovation lab to fuel business growth. NEXtCARE hosts a local version of the same concept, with regular brainstorming sessions to ensure a competitive advantage and market-leading position. The company demonstrates a clear digital focus — from service line-up to back-of-house infrastructure — and a proven business continuity plan. The BV judging panel announces NEXtCARE as the 2020 winner of the award for Most Innovative Heath Insurance Administrator (MENA).