HackerOne — Most Innovative Cybersecurity Platform | Global 2020

DIGITAL security platform HackerOne entices “white hat hackers” to use their powers for good and help to prevent cyber crime. Since 2012, crowd-powered HackerOne has uncovered some 180,000 verified vulnerabilities for 1,800 organisations. A global legion of ethical hackers, over 600,000 in 150 countries, expose security flaws in a controlled environment. HackerOne clients include the US Department of Defence and many Fortune 500 companies, and its hackers are handsomely rewarded for their efforts, claiming $81m in bounties. HackerOne advisory and triage service teams collaborate with clients’ internal security and development teams to cut the “signal-to-noise ratio” of potential business vulnerabilities. The BV judging panel presents HackerOne with the 2020 Most Innovative Cybersecurity Platform (Global) award.

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