Sunfire — Most Disruptive Cleantech Leadership Team | Germany 2020

BASED in the German hi-tech hub of Dresden is one of the stars of the cleantech firmament: Sunfire. The company has perfected the alchemy of converting electricity into chemical energy, and vice-versa, with a product line including electrolysis and fuel-cell systems. There is proof-of-concept at the Sunfire demonstration plant, where water and CO2 are converted into low-cost industrial hydrogen. Sunfire’s versatile e-Syngas aims to break our fossil-fuel addiction, while off-grid power and mobile energy generators drive development into remote areas. Sunfire technology even recycles the heat generated in the production process to increase capacity. The firm envisions a world with renewables seamlessly integrated across applications — and the BV judging panel likes the sound of that. Sunfire wins the 2020 award for Most Disruptive Cleantech Leadership Team (Germany).

Sunfire logo