Ynsect — Best ESG Growth Strategy | Europe 2020

HUNGRY? So is a lot of the world’s population. And French company Ynsect has the answer: insects. The firm aims to reinvent the food chain with bugs as neither nuisance nor pest, but a low-impact, almost inexhaustible source of protein. Insects are already part of the diet of two billion people worldwide — and by the year 2050 there will be 9.7 billion mouths to feed. Ynsect addresses this with a fraction of the resources required for traditional food production. Ynsect’s aptly named mealworm products make excellent meal for livestock and fish farming. The employee-centred company’s workforce comprises 20 nationalities, boasts more than 240 patents — and a series C funding round of $372m. The BV judges announce Ynsect as winner of the 2020 Best ESG Growth Strategy (Europe) award.

Ynsect logo