AI sees the future office in all its hi-tech glory…

OFFICES have come in for a lot of scrutiny since the pandemic and the great work-from-home drive. Standing desks and other ergonomic trends are the first small changes helping to create collaborative, healthy and funky workspaces.

European workplace expert Studio Alliance used AI to uncover a vision of the office. By looking at search trends from pre-pandemic times and comparing them to 2023, it was also able to predict the trends we’ll be likely to see in the next five,10,25, or 50 years.

Along with laptop stands, privacy screens, adjustable-height desks, reclining chairs, glass partitions and open-floor design, expect hot-desking to continue — and workspaces to come alive with fresh ideas.

Getting people back to the office is proving to be a challenge, so companies are focusing on collaborative spaces, social spaces, and wellbeing areas. Technology and acoustics are being applied to create a quiet, concentrated atmosphere.