Drop-outs made good: Harvard is still the alma-mater to have

NEW research reveals that three drop-outs from Harvard University are now worth a combined $300bn plus.

Eliot House, Harvard University
Eliot House, Harvard University. Photo Roger W, CC BY-SA

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Dustin Moskovitz all dropped out of Harvard, giving the prestigious university an overall combined drop-out net worth of $307,850,000,000.

After studying the educational histories of the world’s billionaire’s list, the study looks at the 10 richest university drop-outs in history.

The 10 Richest University Drop-Outs in History

Rank Drop-Out Estimated Net Worth University
1 Bill Gates $149bn Harvard University
2 Mark Zuckerberg $129bn Harvard University
3 Larry Page $117bn University of Michigan
4 Larry Ellison $101bn Illinois University
5 Amancio Ortega (founder of Zara) $74.7bn School
6 Michael Dell $49bn Texas University
7 Li Ka Shing $34bn School
8 Dustin Moskovitz $20.9bn Harvard University
9 Jack Dorsey $13.7bn Missouri University of Science and Technology
10 Jan Koum $13.2bn San Jose University


Bill Gates: estimated net worth $149bn

Gates actually dropped out of Harvard University twice — both times to focus on his burgeoning software company. It’s now worth over $300 bn.

Mark Zuckerberg: estimated net worth $129bn

Another Havard drop-out comes in second place. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg left the prestigious college in 2005 to focus on growing his company. The social media behemoth that Facebook has become was started while Zuckerberg was still a student, so his time at Harvard was not wasted.

Larry Page: estimated net worth $117bn

Page graduated, but dropped-out of the University of Michigan. His net worth is just over half of the value of the company he founded.