Bond’s the name, James Bond, and my toys don’t come cheap

As No Time To Die finally hits movie screens, it’s been revealed that being James Bond costs an eye-watering £32.3m.

Research conducted by online gaming company CasinoScores analysed data to establish the 007 budget by totalling the cost of his wardrobe and accessories, gadget collection, and vehicles.

The wardrobe alone, as worn by Daniel Craig from his first Bond role in Casino Royale to No Time to Die totalled £154,334.89. The priciest item was a set of Tom Ford mother-of-pearl cufflinks with an engraved “JB”, as seen in Spectre, which cost £74,500. Second-most expensive item is the Giorgio Armani leather jacket from Casino Royale, at a relatively reasonable £4,800.

Gadgets don’t come so cheap. The James Bond collection costs a total of £82,376.60. The highest priced item — at £15,500 — is Bond’s Anderson Wheeler 500 Nitro Express double rifle (looks like a shotgun to us, but apparently it fires solid slugs) seen used in Skyfall.

Now to the vehicles that James so often blows-up. The total for Daniel Craig’s 007 use comes to £32.1m. The AgustaWestland AW101 helicopter used in Skyfall has the biggest price tag: £21,000,000. The second-most expensive is the Pruva Regina yacht, costing £8,400,000, meaning Skyfall is the priciest of Daniel Craig’s Bond films.

The signature Aston Martin DB10 is the third-most expensive vehicle, costing £1,400,000.

Aston Martin DB10, James Bond, No Time To Die
The £1,400,000 Aston Martin DB10. Photo: Aston Martin